giovedì, dicembre 07, 2006

Tango (1998)

Starring: Miguel Ángel Solá, Cecilia Narova, Mía Maestro
Director: Carlos Saura

When his wife Laura (Cecilia Narova) leaves him, Mario Suarez (Miguel Ángel Solá) decides to make the best tango film of all times. Things take a turn to the worse when he falls in love with Elena (Mía Maestro), a talented and beautiful dancer and lover of Angelo Larroca (Juan Luis Galiardo), a cabaret owner and one of the investors in the movie...

This tango that is danced by Juan Carlos Copes and Cecilia Narova is the famous La Cumparsita by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez. This scene is the final dance scene in the movie.

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