martedì, gennaio 02, 2007

Tango Lorca

Merge old world tango aesthetics with a sinuous texture of jazz, flamenco and classical music and you have the immediately distinctive sound of Tango Lorca. Formed in 1999, this fiery quintet has created a fresh and continually growing body of original compositions and arrangements equally suited for the dance hall or the concert stage. While evoking an undoubtedly Argentine sentiment with classics from the "Golden Age", they also create new, innovative works with a timeless sense of beauty. Tango Lorca plays their music with a deep understanding of tradition as well as an obsessive desire to evolve the art form to new plateaus.


1.Nuestra Hora Favorita - Brad Cox

10.Paloma Negra - Beau Bledsoe

12.Canaro en París - Scarpino/Calderella

16. Vuelvo al Sur - Astor Piazzolla

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