mercoledì, ottobre 17, 2007

Tango français - Nitta-Jô !

There are artists whose names become so quickly forgotten and the fate (?) in the instance of this singer seems to be unjust . Nitta-Jô could be called another 'la tragedienne de la chanson' yet, it is hard to find a note on her date of birth or death in present digital or on-line sources. For me, judging by recordings which I know, she is an interesting artist in the history of French chanson and absolutely worth attention.
It may be also interesting, in the interpretation here presented, how tango became step by step absorbed by French music, the result of which was a new kind and type of a song and its expression being a 'mélange' of overseas rhythmical base and domestic line of melody as well as lyrics.
"Roule" -- a song about crowd and how devastating it can be for a sensitive individual.

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